Smart was developed to support New Zealand business owners

Adrienne Pierce is an experienced business starter who noticed a tradesman take 20 phone calls in one afternoon while working at her home.

“Every time the phone rang he had to stop what he was doing to answer the call. It was such a waste of his earning potential,” Adrienne recalls. “He made promises to every caller but didn’t note anything down. I just thought there has to be a better way!”

Small to medium business owners can access accountants for GST returns, individual contractors for bookkeeping or secretarial services, call centres to take messages, lease serviced offices or work from home, but Adrienne recognised a significant gap in the market: who can provide all the office support they need in one place at a cost effective fee?

Like all good ideas, the Smart offer is simple: to provide day-to-day office solutions for business owners so that those business owners can focus on the things they are good at, and the things they are passionate about – the things that generate income in their business and make them money.

About Smart

Primary Aim

To be New Zealands trusted industry leader providing virtual office services.


Our mission is simple… to save business owners time and money.

Time to spend working on your business, time to spend with family and friends, time to follow other pursuits, time to be healthy and happy.

Prosperity has a ripple effect through communities when prosperous businesses contract or employ locals, and use local suppliers. We believe that if businesses do well, the workforce does well and the economy does well.


Passionately supporting business owners

We relate to business owners because we’re business owners ourselves, and have also previously owned or managed other businesses.

Smart understands the trials and tribulations that business owners face each day, week, month, year.

Professional, practical and personal

All of the work we do is hands on, practical processing and organising depending on what your business needs.Our people have a “can-do” attitude, with the skills and drive to get the job done.

Smart operates from professional offices where you, your employees, customers or suppliers can drop in whenever they choose. The relationship we have with you becomes personal over time. It’s a by product of the relationship we build day to day, week to week.

We work with you and your advisors (such as accountants).

Open, honest & confidential

Our fair-minded approach to business doesn’t just happen – it’s all about open and honest communication.

We can’t help your business effectively if we don’t have the whole picture and vice versa – you can’t operate your business efficiently if you don’t have all of the information.

We really appreciate that we are privileged to be in this position and we pride ourselves on keeping it confidential! It’s a huge part of our culture and systems to ensure everyone involved is on the same confidential page.

Reliable, reputable & results driven

We work professionally with business owners as a team to achieve results.

Our absolute focus is on finding solutions and producing the results our clients need.

In any business there are deadlines that must be met – including Inland Revenue Department reports and payments. We do our utmost to ensure your business meets these deadlines.

Responsible & accountable

Our paperwork is designed to underpin both your and Smarts expectations and responsibilities. We back ourselves to provide services that exceed those expectations.

So we won’t tie you into a long term contract. Instead we rely on the standard of our service to keep you wanting to do business with us. We’re answerable to you and you hold us to account with a seven day notice period.

We adapt and evolve with you and your business so we hold a lot of responsibility and we have a culture of standing up and being accountable for everything we do.

Admin experts who make it simple

We do admin all day every day – that’s what we do. Systems form the foundation of everything we do at Smart and we use these systems to organise and carry out your business administration.

And we’re always looking for ways to improve “the system” – looking for the fastest, easiest, best way to do things to get the best result for you.

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